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Skin tips for brides: how to prepare the skin for a wedding day

wedding skin prep

On that special day brides want to look their best – flawless and glowy. Having healthy-looking skin is an essential part of you feeling confident on the day. Get your skin in prime condition ahead of the big day to provide the perfect base for your wedding makeup.

A pre-wedding skincare routine is essential for getting your skin looking its best ahead of your wedding day, but if you’re entirely new to the world of skincare, it can be challenging.

But remember ‘perfect’ skin doesn’t exist. As long as you feel your best on your wedding day and being happy with the skin you’re in it is all that matter – so if a skin condition is causing you stress, doing some prep now could really pay off.  

So how long before do I need to start with my pre-wedding skin prep?

Sooner the better! Be aware that skin care products will not work from day to day. Most of them need time and be used regularly to kick in and show its benefits. So, we recommend starting not later than 2 months before a big day.

Where should I start?

To take care of your skin properly, it is paramount to know what type and state your skin is. The trouble is when you use products not designed to treat your problem which has adverse effects.

There are 4 main types of skin: Dry, Oily, Combination, Normal. Ask yourself a couple of questions to try define it.

Is your skin shiny? Does it get oily during the day? Do you have to touch up your make up frequently? Is your skin flaky and tight? Do you experience redness and sensitivity? Do you suffer from broken capillaries? Do you struggle with acne and blemishes? Are your pores tight/enlarged?

Apart from that, skin may have different concerns: sensitivity, dehydration, acne, aging etc.

If you are not able to define you skin, we highly recommend to visit a Skin Therapist for a consultation where you can learn how to take care of it and what you should start with.

What are the basics?

  1. Cleansing
  2. Hydration
  3. Sun Protection
  4. Active skincare

9 Rules before your wedding day

  1. Do not introduce new, never tested skin care to your routine at least a month before a big day – you may develop unwanted reaction.
  2. Less is more – skin doesn’t like lot of stimulation, your basic skin care is more than enough. Cleanse, target treat, hydrate and protect.
  3. If you develop a spot before a big day – don’t panic! Do not squeeze or touch it. Better is to apply topical antibacterial spot treatment and moisturize around it to avoid flakiness. It is easier to cover a blemish than a scab!
  4. Drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated is a key to glowy and healthy looking skin.
  5. Stress less and have good night sleep. Being rested significantly improve how you look – especially you under eye area!
  6. Do not expose skin on direct sun or a tanning bed at least for 5 days before. Freshly tanned skin is still warm and a make up do not stick us good.
  7. Gently exfoliate and apply hydrating mask the day before. Only the one you tested before.
  8. Make sure you seek professional advice. If you are already under Skin Expert care – do not try to do anything on your own – it can only cause damage.
  9. Be regular. It is important to be consistent with a professional treatment and your skin routine.

REMEMBER! Having a skin consultation as soon as you can, allows our practitioners to fight with a skin concerns with no rush. You can start prepping your skin just before a big day, but if you are struggling with an advanced skin problem – it is impossible to achieve healthy skin within a month.

What treatments should I consider?

Just before a wedding day, a hydrating and brightening treatments will do good!

5-3 Days before: HydrO2 Facial,  LED Light Therapy

2-1.5 weeks before: Chemical Peel (deep cleansing)

1 month before: RF Microneedling, Needle mesotherapy, Skin boosters

Avoid any injectables at least 3 weeks before! You never know how fast your skin will heal and how it will respond to a treatment. Also, it will be better to leave some time to see better results!




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